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factorial( ) 
failure, returning from subroutines 
false values 
fcntl( ), return values 
fetching URLs from Perl scripts 
<FH> line input operator 
FIFOs (named pipes) 
file access  2nd  [See also directories file contents][See also directories file contents]
    access modes  2nd 
    copying and moving files 
    editing files  [See file contents]
    filehandles  2nd 
        caching open 
        printing to multiple 
        reading a line from, without blocking 
        reading from multiple 
    filtering filename input 
        command-line options 
    flushing output 
    locking files 
        netlock program 
        region-specific locks 
    non-blocking I/O 
    opening and closing file descriptors 
    processing all files in directories 
    storing files in program text 
    unread bytes, determining number of 
file contents  2nd  [See also directories; file access]
    adding records to wtmp file 
    comparing two files 
    configuration files, reading 
    continually growing files, reading 
    converting Microsoft files to Unicode 
    counting lines, paragraphs, and records 
    extracting single line 
    fixed-length records 
    I/O layers 
        with -i switch 
        with temporary files 
        without temporary files 
    processing all words in 
    processing binary files 
    random access
    random lines from, selecting 
    randomizing line order 
        lines with continuation characters 
        null-terminated strings from binary files 
    reading and writing hash records to file 
    reading and writing Unicode from filehandles 
    setting default I/O layers 
    tctee program 
    testing for trustworthiness 
        files as arrays 
        strings as files 
    variable-length text fields 
    viewing lastlog file information 
file descriptors, opening and closing 
file extensions 
__FILE__ symbol 
file test operators 
File::Basename module 
File::chmod module 
File::Compare module 
File::Copy module  2nd 
File::Find module 
    removing directories recursively 
File::Glob module 
File::KGlob module 
File::LockDir module 
File::NFSLock module 
File::Path module 
File::stat module  2nd 
File::Temp module 
FileCache module 
    non-blocking I/O 
    passing  2nd 
    printing to multiple simultaneously 
        a line from, without blocking 
        from many 
    reading and writing Unicode from 
    reporting filenames in errors 
    seek offset 
    storing in variables 
    using filename as 
    expanding tildes in 
    filtering as input 
        command-line options 
    multiple, for same file 
    reporting in errors 
    sorting  2nd 
    unusual, opening files with 
    using as filehandle 
fileparse( ) 
        reading null-terminated strings 
    C header, translating with h2ph 
    comparing file contents 
    configuration, reading 
    creating temporary 
        last line of 
    downloading, resuming HTTP GET 
        advisory locking 
        netlock program 
    Microsoft, converting to Unicode 
    processing all in directories 
    random-access, updating 
    RSS, reading and writing 
    storing in program text 
        as arrays 
        strings as 
    with unusual filenames, opening 
    uploaded, receiving with mod_perl handler 
    XML, larger than available memory, processing 
filesystem  [See directories]
    filenames as input 
        command-line options 
FindBin module 
finddepth( ) 
    fresh hyperlinks 
    most common anything 
    patterns  [See regular expressions]
    text and elements in XML documents 
    versions and descriptions of modules 
findnodes( ) vs. getElementsByTagName( ) 
firewalls, fetching web pages through 
fixed-length records 
    flat-file index program 
FixNum class 
fixstyle program 
flat file index program 
flattened lists 
floating-point numbers 
flock( ) 
    compared to SysV lockf( ) 
floor( ) 
flushing output 
fmt program 
fnctl( ), locking files 
folded_demo program 
fonts, Unicode, support for 
foodfind program 
=for escape pod directive 
ForceArray option 
foreach loop 
    printing to multiple filehandles 
    renaming files 
    traversing hashes 
fork( )  2nd  [See also processes]
    avoiding zombie processes 
    closing sockets after 
    forking servers 
    non-forking servers 
    preforking servers 
    shell escapes 
format_string( ) 
forms, HTML 
    saving and emailing 
    sticky widgets 
forward slash (/)
    /e substitution modifier  2nd 
    /g pattern-matching modifier 
        finding Nth matches 
        where last pattern ended 
    /i pattern-matching modifier 
    /m pattern-matching modifier 
        multiple lines 
    /o pattern-matching modifier 
    /s pattern-matching modifier 
        multiple lines 
    /x pattern modifier 
        comments in regular expressions 
    root directory 
Frame widget, Tk 
FTP clients 
full-screen mode 
    interpolating within strings 
    vs. methods 
    private for variables 
    references to 
    types of 
fuzzy matching 
fwdport program 

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