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-d file test operator 
daemon servers  2nd 
data structures
    binary trees 
    circular, coping with, using weak references 
    complex, creating on the fly 
    parsing XML into 
    storing to disk 
    transparently persistent 
__DATA__ token 
data types
    circular data structures 
    classes as structs 
data, relationships between  2nd  [See also variables][See also variables]
Data::Dumper module 
database access 
    DBM files
        converting between 
        making and using 
        storing complex data in 
    dealing with errors 
    ggh program 
    persistent data 
    speeding up with mod_perl 
        queries  2nd  3rd 
    using transactions 
    viewing data one page at a time 
datagram sockets 
date and time values 
    arithmetic with 
    converting to and from Epoch seconds 
    Date::Manip module  2nd 
    days, calculating 
        number between two dates 
    file access timestamps 
    high-resolution timers 
    hopdelta program 
    parsing information from strings 
    seconds passed since Epoch 
    sorting mail by 
    Time::gmtime module 
    Time::HiRes module 
    Time::Local module 
    Time::timelocal module 
    timing out operations 
    today's date, finding 
Date::Calc module  2nd 
Date::DateCalc module 
Date::Manip module  2nd  3rd 
DateCalc( ) 
day, month, year, hour, minute, seconds (DMYHMS) 
Day_of_week( ) 
Day_of_Year( ) 
days  [See date and time values]
DB_File module 
    DB_RECNO access method 
    sorting large DBM files 
db2gdbm program 
DBD module 
DBD::CSV module 
DBD::SQLite module  2nd 
DBI module 
DBIx::Dump module 
DBM files
    complex data in 
    converting between 
    GDBM files 
    making and using 
DBM libraries 
dclone( )  2nd 
    CGI scripts  2nd 
    raw HTTP exchange 
deep copies 
default values for variables 
defined operator 
definedness  2nd 
deg2rad( ) 
delaying module loading 
delete( ) 
    compared to undef( ) 
    multiple hash key values 
    clearing the screen 
    directories and their contents 
    DOS shell window 
    emptying DBM files 
        last line of 
    hash elements 
    HTML tags from strings 
    selected subroutine return values 
    whitespace at string ends 
Delta_Days( ) 
Delta_DHMS( ) 
dequote( ) 
dereferencing  [See references]
destructors  2nd 
Devel::Peek module 
    converting case and 
dialog boxes with Tk toolkit 
DialogBox widget, Tk 
die function 
__DIE__ signal 
differences of lists 
    simple and symmetric 
    copying and moving files 
    deleting files 
    multiple names for same file 
    of modules 
    parsing filenames 
    processing all files in 
    recursively duplicating 
    renaming files 
    sorting contents of  2nd 
directory handles 
dirname( ) 
disk usage, library 
Distinguished Name (DN) 
DMYHMS (day, month, year, hour, minute, seconds) 
DMYHMS values  [See date and time values]
DN (Distinguished Name) 
DNS lookups 
do( ) 
    configuration files, reading 
    finding number of rows returned by SQL queries 
Document Object Model (DOM) 
dollar sign ($)
    $! variable 
    $#ARRAY variable 
    $$ variable  2nd  3rd 
    $& variable  2nd 
    $* variable (deprecated) 
    $+ variable 
    $. variable  2nd 
    $/ variable 
    $; variable 
    $? variable  2nd  3rd  4th 
    $@ variable  2nd 
    $^F variable 
    $^I variable 
    $^O variable  2nd 
    $^W variable 
    $_ variable  2nd  3rd 
        accidental clobbering 
        outlawing unauthorized use 
    $` variable 
    $| variable  2nd 
    $0 variable  2nd 
    $1, $2, . . . (backreferences)  2nd 
        finding doubled words 
    $VERSION variable (use pragma) 
DOM (Document Object Model) 
        building while validating XML 
        parsing XML into 
domains for sockets 
DOS shell window, removing 
dot (.)
    . . and . . . range operators 
    periods in numbers 
double quote (") 
double words, finding 
du command, sorting output of 
Dump( ) 
Dumpvalue module 
duplicate list elements, extracting 
dutree program 
dynamic scoping 

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