Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website tutorial.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website.

Table of contents #2

SEO Trendspotting
SEO Slang
Get Your Team on Board
The Challenge of SEO Team Building
Pearl of Wisdom
Marketing, Sales, and Public Relations
What If You’re at the Bottom of the Pecking Order?
Sales often has the most direct contact with customers
typical PR
“Jill-of-all-trades” at Tachyon Publications
IT, Webmasters, and Programmers
Communicating with IT
The IT Workload Conundrum
How SEO Benefits IT
Graphic Designers
Educate and Empower
Make It Official
SEO also provides an opportunity for writers
Executives and Product Managers
Get Your self on Board!
Your One-Month Prep: Baseline and Keywords
Your SEO Idea Bank
SEO pro
Your Keyword Gut Check
Locate yourself
When Homographs Attack
Resources to Expand and Enhance the List
terms on Search Engines
Competitors’ Websites
Yahoo! Search Marketing Keyword Selector Tool
YSM tool
Keyword Data Gathering
Keywords Worksheet
Other sites that come up in the search
Sizing Up the Competition
Quantitatively speaking
A low popularity
Match Keywords to Landing Pages
Finalize Your Short List
Am I overcrowding a landing page
SEO tasks
Indexed Pages
Landing Pages Indexed
My Site Doesn’t Have Typical Landing Pages!
Site Assessment
Identify Your Top Five Competitors
Snooping Tools and Techniques
Google Toolbar
Viewing Page Source
On-Page Factors
Basic Optimization
General Characteristics of the Website
Inbound Links
Paid Competition
Baseline Monthly Report
I Hate Paperwork!
Your Landing Page Choice
Indexed Pages
Inbound Links
Note on Reasonable Expectations
Red Flags
Quick Reference
What is our current site optimization level?
Your SEO Plan
Kick It into Gear
Basic Site Optimization
Page Titles
DO include your name
DON’T duplicate site navigation in the title

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