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Free Colored ScrollBars 2.2

Free Colored ScrollBars is easy to use but powerful tool that generates CSS Style definitions needed to add colored scrollbars on your web pages and JavaScript code for amazing animated scrollbars.

With this tool you can create (without writing single line of code) eye-catching scrollbars with: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and/or JavaScript effects. Free Colored ScrollBars will produce for you all the HTML code, CSS definitions and (if needed) - JavaScript code for your scrollbar.

It comes with 44 color schemes included in the templates repository, that can be customized to match your design, or you can create your own schemes and save them to templates repository for later use.

There are the built-in color picker to pick a color from anywhere on your screen, the built-in HTML Editor(to edit designed code in your ready or new HTML pages), a real-time preview that allows you view the scrollbar, as well as an additional background and sample text.

You can copy designed code to clipboard, save as JavaScript file, save as Cascading Style Sheets file, save as Outlook Express Stationery , paste code into your ready page ( After choosing target page, "Free Colored ScrollBars" will insert the designed code into your page automatically) or edit in the built-in HTML Editor.

You can customize color schemes by entering Hex color value in the text box or by choosing from color box, from palette dialog or from color picker.

Send emails with colored scrollbars by saving Outlook Express stationery files from within the program. (The emails will only have colored scrollbars if viewed in Outlook Express.)

Only users of Internet Explorer 5.5 or later will be able to see the scrollbars in color but statistics show that this is the most widely used browser. So you must use it!

Key features:

  • Standard CSS effects for quick or sophisticated look'n'feel

  • Two highly customizable JavaScript effects (fading and color blinker)

  • Integrated preview browser

  • Internal html editor (with full HTML, JavaScript and CSS highlighting) for quick adding generated CSS and Scripts to existing html pages or creating new template-pages for your web- projects

  • Cool graphical interface lets you see what your scrollbars will look like in real time

  • Very easy to use

  • No programming knowledge required

  • Define colors manually by entering Hex color value in the text box or by choosing from color box, from palette dialog or from color picker

  • Save and load color schemes, for future editing or re-use, to built-in Templates Repository

  • Save Outlook Express stationery files so that emails will have colored scrollbars

  • Full help file included

  • Ability to specify text and background color

  • All that - in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment

Free Colored ScrollBars


If you are using Free Colored ScrollBars and going to implement any designed code on your web site or web page,
you should place a link to http://www.yaldex.com/ on any page of your web site.
See example below.

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   Any windows, IE5.5 or later.

Download Download Free Colored ScrollBars (Zip 1.73 MB)

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